Virtual Debit Card Kotak – Everything You Have To Know


Virtual Debit Card Kotak or Kotak [email protected] is an online generated virtual card that has no physical significance. The card is offered to you by Kotak Mahindra Bank, which can be created via net banking and can be used to make online purchases at any merchant website which accepts VISA cards.

You have the option to top up this card with as much as money you need to make an online payment. The Kotak [email protected] is a one-time use limited virtual debit card that protects the customer’s details when shopping online. It comes with a validity period of 24-48 hours and is free of charge.

Physical versus Virtual Debit Cards

Before applying and using a virtual card, you should know the difference between virtual and physical credit cards. Virtual cards are safer when compared to physical credit cards, but there are certain limitations with them also.

Physical Debit Card Virtual Debit Card
Can be used for both online and offline transactions.Can only be used to pay online and not at Point-of-Sale purchases.
You can enjoy the interest-free period with this card (generally upto 50 days).No interest-free period is given with this card.
Generally, expire after a few years from the date of issuance.
Generally valid for a maximum period of 48 hours.
Reward points, as well as cashback, can be earned using physical cards.In the majority of cards, you do not avail reward points or cashback on using them.
This card surely helps in building your credit score.It does not help in building your credit score.
Can be used at places where you need to show your cardCannot be used at any place where you have to show your card.
You can make any number of transactions using your physical card.Most of the cards allow you to make only 1 transaction.

Features of Virtual Debit Card Kotak

I. The actual debit card number is never exposed in online transactions. Hence the risk of theft or fraud is minimal.
II. The Kotak [email protected] comes with a layer of security when shopping online.
II. Kotak [email protected] has validity for a maximum period of 48 hours.
III. The card can be used at any merchant website that accepts Visa cards.
IV. The card cannot be used again after a successful transaction.
V. There is no fee levied for the creation of [email protected]
VI. [email protected] is a unique payment service that offers complete security while shopping online.
VII. After the transaction, the available amount on the card will be transferred back to your account and the card ceases to exist.
VIII. The limited virtual debit card is free of charge. No charges are applicable for creating the Kotak [email protected]

How to generate Virtual Debit Card Kotak

The card can be easily generated by the use of net banking. Follow the listed steps mentioned to generate your Kotak [email protected] online,

I. Visit the official website of Kotak Mahindra Bank.
II. Log into net banking using your Login ID (CRN) and Password.
III. Click on the ‘[email protected]’ tab and proceed further.
IV. You will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number.
V. Enter the OTP and select the account from which you wish to withdraw funds for creating [email protected]
VI. Click on ‘Ok’ to generate your [email protected]
VII. After successful verification, you can use the card for online transactions.

Eligibility to avail Virtual Debit Card Kotak

I. You should be Resident Indian/NRE/Foreign National.
II. You should be registered for the net banking Channel.
III. Have at least 1 valid current or savings account with the bank to which you should have operating rights.
IV. Have an existing Kotak Mahindra Bank Credit Card.

Fees and Charges

The bank has set a maximum and minimum limit for card generation which is subject to change from time to time. The minimum and maximum limits are Rs.100 Rs.50,000/day. Not depending on the number of cards generated, the facility is being provided to you free of cost at present.

How to use the [email protected]

1. Visit the online portal you wish to make the purchase from and choose the product you want to buy.

2. Be sure that the online website accepts VISA cards.

3. Proceed to checkout after choosing the products.

4. Select ‘debit card’ (VISA) as the mode of payment.

5. Now, login to your Kotak Mahindra Bank net banking account and click on the Kotak [email protected] tab.

6. Click on generate Kotak [email protected]

7. Now you will receive an OTP(One time password) to register your mobile number.

8. Enter the OTP and select the account you wish to transfer money from to the limited virtual debit card.

9. Click on ‘Generate’.

10. As the virtual debit card is created, the card number and expiry date will be displayed.

11. Enter the virtual debit card details in the payment gateway section of the online portal you want to make payment.

12. Confirm the payment and it’s done.

How to cancel your Netcard

I. Keep in mind, only cards that have not been used can be canceled. If one has used the [email protected], the card is automatically deactivated as it is a one-time-use virtual debit card.
II. Click on the [email protected] tab.
III. From the menu option, click on “cancel [email protected]”.
IV. Next select the [email protected] you wish to cancel as multiple [email protected] can be created at once.
V. Once the [email protected] has been selected, click on “cancel”.
VI. If there is any money in the [email protected] when you cancel, it will be redirected to your bank account within 1 working day.

What to keep in mind while using Kotak Netcard

I. Once the payment has been made, the card will lapse.
II. If the customer chooses to purchase a product in foreign currency, the purchase amount will depend on the exchange rate of that particular day.

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