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Today we are going to tell the best San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer. San Antonio is one of the fastest-growing areas in the United States and its roadways carry a heavy volume of large trucks. Because of their size, tractor-trailers and semis are more difficult to handle and more accident-prone.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident caused by a truck or tractor-trailer, you know how serious these collisions can be. Semis and 18-wheelers are four times larger than passenger vehicles. A collision between a large truck and a passenger vehicle may cause fatal or life-altering injuries to the occupants of the smaller vehicle.

If you have been involved in a truck accident in San Antonio, only the truck accident lawyers can help you seek the full financial compensation you are entitled to from all at-fault parties.

Have a look at some experienced and renowned attorneys in San Antonio to help you in such cases. Also, we will discuss some important factors regarding a truck accident, which you need to know.

Best Truck Accident Lawyer In San Antonio

Tyler and Peery

5822 W. Interstate 10,
San Antonio, TX – 78201.
Call – 210 762 5423.

Ketterman Rowland and Westlund Attorneys

16500 San Pedro Ave, #302,
San Antonio, TX – 78232.
Call – 210 490 4357.

Hernandez Law Office

3107 Broadway Street,
San Antonio, TX – 78209.
Call – 210 672 1435.

Carabin Shaw

630 Broadway St,
San Antonio, TX – 78215.
Call – 800 862 1260.
Fax – 210 222 1480.

The Herrera Law Firm

1800 W. Commerce St.
San Antonio, TX – 78207.
Call – 877 959 5491/210 978 0639.

George Salinas Injury Lawyers

6243 IH-10 West, Suite 955,
San Antonio, TX – 78201.
Call – 210 972 5642.
Fax – 210 960 4604.

Hill Law Firm

445 Recoleta Rd,
San Antonio, TX – 78216.
Call – 210 899 5031.

Pat Maloney

239 E-Commerce St,
San Antonio, TX – 78205.
Call – 210 934 6609.

The Law Office of Maloney and Campolo

926 South Alamo Street,
San Antonio, TX – 78205.
Call – 210 922 2200.

Herrman and Herrman PLLC

8122 Datapoint Drive, Suite 816,
San Antonio, TX – 78229.
Call – 210 405 7039.

You can contact them via the details provided above or visit their websites to check more about them.

But before contact, you need to understand the scenarios and some important factors. These factors might help you to understand the situation and guide you to take the positive and measured steps.

Common causes of a Truck Accident

Like car accidents, most commercial truck accidents as the driver did something wrong or failed to do. Sometimes it happens while performing an unsafe or illegal maneuver, like improper lane change, running a stop sign, or not looking closely enough and turning into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
Some of the common types of truck driver negligence include,


According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration(FMCSA), speeding is the most common cause of truck driver accidents. It is well understood how speeding or driving too fast in conditions like inclement weather or congested traffic is more difficult to slow down or stop in time to avoid a collision. Speeding combined with tailgating leads to many rear-end crashes also.

Distracted driving

It is the second-most common reason for truck accidents. Distracted driving particularly using a mobile phone while driving, continues to be a problem despite the regulations prohibiting the use of mobile phones while operating commercial motor vehicles. Daydreaming or thinking about anything also causes a distraction while operating a vehicle that demands continuous attention.

Drugged driver

Drugged driving is far more prevalent in the trucking industry than drunk driving because of strict testing of commercial truck drivers for alcohol consumption.

Truckers involved in crashes have been found to have used stimulants like amphetamines, cocaine, and methamphetamine to stay awake and keep driving, which causes drowsiness and other adverse reactions that impact driving ability. Drunk driving accidents do rarely occur in the trucking industry as well.

Cargo shift

In truck rollover or jackknife(when cab and trailer slide toward each other like a folding knife) accidents, investigators often found sudden cargo shift causing the accident.

If the load is improperly loaded and/or not secured, cargo can move and possibly break free. This causes to change the truck’s center of gravity and lead to a rollover or jackknife accident causing the truck to crash.

Vehicle malfunction

Vehicle malfunctions contribute to fewer truck accidents than human error, but they do occur. Crashes may happen due to the failure of brake systems, tires, lights, improper maintenance, or other parts and components.

According to The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety(IIHS), post-crash inspections of trucks indicated that more than half had at least one mechanical problem that violated FMCSA regulations, and almost 30% had such condition that caused the vehicle to lose control. Trucks may also crash due to ignored maintenance needs or faulty manufacturing parts or components.

Road conditions

Faulty design or lack of maintenance of roadways also contribute to accidents. For example, overgrown trees at an intersection or neglected potholes can cause a vehicle and crash. Local governments and/or contractors responsible may hold liable in these scenarios.

Work zone

When contractors set up restricted areas for highway construction or maintenance, they must follow protocols to provide adequate warning signs, as well as space and barriers between traffic and workers. Work zone setup must consider the additional distance required to stop a large truck, as well as posted highway speeds, anticipated traffic congestion, and more.

Common Injuries that result from a Truck Accident

Injuries sustained in an 18-wheeler truck accident aren’t much different than those sustained in other types of motor vehicle accidents, except the weight and force of a truck makes injuries far more severe and more likely to be fatal.

Some common injuries that might occur in a truck accident include,

I. Fractured and crushed bones.
II. Deep lacerations that might leave scars.
III. Head injuries that might include blunt force trauma to head traumatic brain injuries.
IV. Neck injuries including whiplash.
V. Back and spinal cord injuries that might lead to temporary or permanent paralysis.
VI. Organ damage.
VII. Internal bleeding.
VIII. Loss of limbs.
IX. Burns that might lead to scarring in the event of an explosion or fire.

Liability in Truck accidents

Truck accident cases generally have complexities due to the drivers, their employers, and their insurance carriers involved in the lawsuit. South Carolina is a tort liability state, which means the insurance companies and the court will determine fault in an accident.

Liability might fall solely on the truck driver, especially if he/she was violating traffic regulations like drinking and driving or using a cell phone while driving. Other times, poor truck maintenance or a manufacturing defect in the truck makes the trucking company or a third party liable for the accident.

But in some cases, multiple parties might share liability. For example, if a trucking company forces their driver to drive more hours per day than allowed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) or forces a driver to drive a truck that needs service, the driver and the trucking company might share responsibility.

Compensation after a Truck Accident

If you have been involved in a truck accident and sustained injuries, Texas law entitles you to sue for damages to recover losses related to the accident and your injuries. Settlements and court awards do vary depending on the severity of injuries and the amount of economic and non-economic damages.
Here are some common damages that truck accident victims might be able to recover,

1. Medical costs include ambulance rides, emergency room treatment, hospitalization, radiology, surgery, medication, and more.

2. Future medical costs for rehabilitation, long-term disabilities, or severe injuries that require multiple surgeries.

3. Lost wages for missing work due to an injury.

4. Lost earning capacity if a permanent disability prohibits the victim from returning to their job.

5. Noneconomic damages like pain and suffering, scarring, disfigurement, and loss of consortium with a spouse.

What to do after a Truck Accident

Don’t move your car

Unless there’s a safety concern, leave your car at the same spot after being involved in a truck accident. Tell the truck driver to do the same. If the trucker caused the accident, preserving the accident scene is very critical to building a strong case.

Call the police

Police officers in San Antonio and other cities throughout Texas are trained to handle complicated truck accidents. By having them there, they can also create a police report for your accident. It is very important when trying to obtain compensation from an insurance company for your accident-related expenses.

Before the officer leaves the scene, get the officer’s name and badge number. Also, ask the police officer for a copy of the police report.

Talk to witnesses

If pedestrians or any other drivers who saw the truck accident are present at that moment, get their full names, phone numbers, and addresses. Witness’s statement helps in building stronger cases.

Gather evidence

Don’t just rely on the police to collect information about your accident. Record everything you can regarding the accident. Take pictures of the crash scene (especially before moving your vehicle), take pictures of any injuries, take the name and phone number of the trucking company the driver works for, etc. The more evidence you have, the stronger your case will be.

Consult a doctor

Don’t assume you are not injured, as sometimes injuries don’t show up instantly. What might seem minor could turn out to be a serious injury. So, visit a doctor even if you feel fine, consult and make sure that you are not seriously injured.

Hire a Truck Accident Attorney

The San Antonio truck accident attorneys have years of experience handling complicated crashes involving trucks. Whether you were injured in a highway truck accident and confused, get the dedicated lawyers at your side.

How a Truck Accident Attorney can help you

You may have been involved in a huge semi-truck accident or a smaller commercial truck accident. You do have the right to demand full and fair compensation but, due to complexity, it is not easy as sounds. Here, an experienced attorney can help you by doing the followings,

I. Investigate the causes of the accident and gather evidence of negligence.
II. Negotiate with insurers and trucking companies on your behalf for compensation.
III. Go to trial aggressively if necessary to assert your interests most effectively.

All the liable parties like drivers, the trucking company, and the insurance companies protecting them will have the interest in reducing the claimed amount or come to you with low amount negotiation offers. But, these settlements will hardly satisfy your needs, especially if you got long-term physical issues.

They will also try to prove your negligence or fault to hold you liable. In the meantime, if you have been injured in a truck accident, you are likely going through a difficult time with increased physical, emotional, and financial distress. Leave the legal matters to a skilled personal injury attorney advocate, who will do the needful and navigate the legal complexities of your case. So, you could focus on healing solely.

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