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Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment allows anyone to earn well consistently month after month. These jobs are for everyone irrespective of their social background, educational qualification, age, and gender. One of the best things about working data entry jobs from home is the flexibility of work. You can work during the week or look for weekend work only, which makes them great home-based jobs for students or anyone looking to earn extra money.

There are plenty of Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment that allows you to work remotely, with a decent regardless of your location. You just need to find them.

Here we have discussed different types of online data entry jobs and websites where you can find your preferred job type.


  • A desktop/Laptop.
  • Internet connection.
  • Knowledge in MS Word and MS Excel.
  • Basic typing skills.

Type of Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Data entry keyers

Here, the key role is to extract information accurately from different documents and then type data into databases such as company templates, CRM, or an excel spreadsheet. Once done, the data will be sent to the customers. These are usually offline rather than online jobs. As a Data Keyers, you will also be a part of the quality control department. You will check for errors in the data.

The required typing speed is 50 words/minute with a 0% error ratio. Usually, the earning is around 10-15 dollars, but the income increases as per the experience. 

Image to text conversion

Here, you are given an image that contains few paragraphs. Now, you have to read that information and write it in a Word document. The paragraph might be 100-150 words but may not be simple English words, but rather include various medical or technical terminologies. You need to be 100% accurate and vigilant while typing in this job profile, as there is no scope of mistake.

For an image to text conversion, you can earn 3-4 dollars/conversion. Hence you can earn a fair amount of money even if you convert 20 images in a day. 

Audio to text conversion

Just like the image to text conversion, you would be given audio, instead of an image. You need to listen to that audio and convert it into a text format. This job requires excellent listening skills as the voices are not usually clear and include technical jargon as well. Also, you should have a good command of English to understand the words and write them correctly. A good typing speed is also needed to write fast as you listen to the audio. Therefore, the job is recommended for experienced people.

In this profile, you could easily earn 5 dollars for one file conversion.

Medical coding

This type of data entry job is online, without investment. It is one of the highest-paid among all data entry jobs. In this job type, you need to read the patients’ health report, analyze the medical history, and then transcribe medical history based on the charts and reports. You will translate medical codes into shorthand writing, which are then used by the doctors to know about the patient’s medical history. This job is recommended specifically for those people who have a degree or certificate in medical coding and proper training. 

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Captcha entry job

It could be a good choice for people searching online for data entry jobs from home. First, you need to know what captchas are? In short, captchas are images that comprise text, numbers, and alphanumeric characters used to fill a specific field to prevent spam. Your role would be to fill in captcha image numbers, alphanumeric data, and image texts to a given spreadsheet or a document. You would also have to solve hundreds of captcha images every day, but the good thing is, the job is fascinating. You can earn a good amount of money in captcha solving, but for that, you would have to solve thousands of captcha in a day. 


It is comparatively advanced than a captcha-solving job. Here, you have to create a heading and captions for an image. This job is very prevalent in the media industry like news channels. You need a lot of creativity just like creating memes on social media. These jobs were not easy to find earlier, but due to Facebook, Instagram captioning jobs are readily available nowadays. 

The major drawback is, it is not a well-paid job and if you want to be a serious data entry worker to earn more money, then it might not be a good option. 

Copy and paste job

As the name suggests, you have to copy and paste the data. Along with that, you might have to convert documents from PDF to Word, Excel to Word, or vice versa. For one file, you might have to copy and paste more than 10,000 words. The content can be anything like numbers, letters, text, etc and you might get any data copy like address, name, phone number, etc from database suites like Oracle MS Access, etc. Every company has different requirements, as some might ask you to sort the data and then do the copy-paste. Usually, the companies who upgrade or change their software, need people to do this job for them.

Data formatting job

These are also said to be data entry jobs, but you would type less and format more in this profile. You have to format content in a Word document, including arranging text in a paragraph form, fonts, indentation, creating a bullet list, etc. Another type of data formatting is formatting a form that contains various fields like name, number, address, email, etc by sorting, remove the gaps, and align them properly.

This job profile pays reasonably well. You can earn 10-12 dollars/hour for formatting.

Online form filling

This job profile requires a lot of accuracies. It is quality typing rather than quantity. In fact, the earnings are more than regular typing jobs. 

Here, you would have to fill the value on a database into every field in the form of the given data. The data would be a file comprising customers’ names, phone numbers, addresses, email addresses, etc. As even one mistake can lead to false information, you need to be very sincere while filling in the information.

In this profile, you can earn well around 50-70 dollars/day.

Online survey

This could be an exciting job as you would have to answer some simple questions and fill up survey forms. Obviously, you need to answer these questions accurately or near about, rather than entering any value in the fields. You can easily complete a typical survey within 10-15 minutes containing 15-50 questions, but it might vary from company to company and sometimes they are a bit lengthy. There are a lot of companies that run surveys to get the customer’s feedback on their product or services. Many people made their full-time job filling online surveys as they earn more than 50000 dollars/annum from this job.

Catalog data entry

It is another best choice to work from home without investment. You have to read given data from the database and fill it in by online/offline software. The operator’s job might be to fill the different fields of a table such as a name, number, price, code no, etc. If you wish to be an operator, then you should know how to sort and pick out specific data from the database. Companies like Logistics and warehouses do usually need catalog data entry workers.

You can earn a hefty 30000-40000 dollars annually.

Content writer

If you have good writing skills then you can write content for various bloggers and websites. You would have to write various articles as per the client’s requirement. These articles are usually generic and not difficult to work with, and you can write after doing some research. To become a content writer, good command of the English language is required to frame good sentences without any grammatical errors.

Usually, a web content writer can earn up to 40 dollars for 1000 words.


This job is relatively easy than a content writer. Here you need not write the content but, proofread the written content and make the necessary changes like correcting grammatical errors, removing typos, etc. 
You also require a good knowledge of English to be able to find out the errors.

This job pays comparatively less than the content writer because the efforts are also relatively less.

Ad post

In this job type, the companies would give you various ads and websites. You would have to post them on multiple blogs, forums, and classified sites. For every ad post, you will be paid a few cents, which means you have to post a lot of ads to earn well.

This job pays comparatively less than the other online data entry jobs from home without investment.

Report customization

It is also a part of other data entry jobs. You have to prepare reports depending on the clients’ distinct projects. The client would render you instructions helping to prepare the report like creating charts, graphs, excel sheets, etc.

You can earn upto 15 dollars/hour in this kind of data entry job.


This job is slightly different from others as here you would have to create mailing labels, letters, reports, and much more which are a little bit of technical work. You should be aware of making tables, charts, and graphs as they must be required while working.

In fact, your grammar and vocabulary also need to be good as they would be needed while drafting emails and letters. Mostly, the company itself provides training before you start working with them.
Payments vary from company to company, but if you can put insufficient time, you can earn well.

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment websites


It is a renowned freelance website where you can easily advertise your skills and get jobs. You can choose from tasks you are skilled or experienced at like writing, translating, data entry, transcribing, etc. There are plenty of people who are making good money with the help of this website. You can create your profile on Fiverr and list as many skills as you want.

You can start earning a minimum of 5 dollars for each task you are assigned. Fiverr is a great place to get your preferred jobs and earn a decent amount of money.


It is another leading website for online data entry jobs from home. The best part is, here you will get active jobs from employers. If you wish to get more jobs, it is advisable to create an excellent profile so that people can contact you easily and you can earn a fair amount of money for your assigned tasks. In fact, you can also contact personnel directly to find a job from them. Here you would get a huge number of freelancers who give data entry and other micro-jobs. It is a reliable website where you can earn a good amount of money based on the tasks you get.


It is a trusted data entry website and a community of freelancers who are ready to do any work for a willing requester. The clients hire freelancers, usually either hourly or project-wise. The requesters are also happy with their services as they just notify about the type of work and person they want, and then they notify all the relevant freelancers to apply for it. This is a trusted website where you can turn this online data entry job into a trusted earning platform.


This Company is basically a Software platform that offers workflow automation solutions for businesses. But, they also have a portal for freelancers where they hire people for various data entry jobs. They have lots of data entry jobs that you can do. There is no fixed time frame and you can work at your convenience and pick any work as per your skills and interest. The best part is, you will get the chance to work with big brands like eBay, Walmart, etc.


This is one of the most renowned websites for online data entry jobs. On this website, you will find a lot of transcription and captioning types of jobs. At first, have to complete the qualifiers task where you transcribe various audios, and they pay as per audio minutes.

For one minute, you will get around 0.35-0.70 dollars. As you finish the transcription of 60 minutes, you will get promoted to the next level. They pay weekly through PayPal, and you can work anytime with them at your convenience.

Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment is really great for people who want to work from home but are not much qualified. You just need good typing speed (minimum 25 WPM), able to read basic English, and a PC with an internet connection to start data entry jobs. Try our suggestions and you will surely get benefitted and earn at the end of the day.

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