Kotak 811 Virtual Debit Card Not Showing – [SOLVED]


Many Kotak customers do face an issue that the Virtual debit card is not showing or blocked on the Kotak 811 App or Kotak net banking portal. Kotak Mahindra Bank has one of the best online services for its customers.

By using digital services, you can avail many banking-related services, and checking your virtual debit card is one of them. Getting blocked or not showing your virtual debit card is not a big deal and you need not worry about it as today we will discuss why this problem causes and how to resolve it.

Facts you need to know

You can avail of the Kotak Virtual Debit Card if you are an account holder of Kotak Mahindra Bank. You can avail of this virtual card before or after doing the full KYC.

But, getting blocked or not seeing the card could cause either not having full KYC or the registered mobile number is not linked with your Aadhaar card

How to Resolve

1. If you have the card before doing full KYC and after some time, you got time for completing the KYC, the card gets blocked for 48 hours. It is because the issued card before KYC and the card after KYC changes. If you check the card status within 48 hours of completion of full KYC then, you won’t see your existing card.

After this specific time, you will be able to see your card but the card number will get changed as it will be a new one.

2. Another issue is if, your bank verified/registered mobile number is not linked with your Aadhaar card. In this case, also you have the option to resolve it. Kotak will ask you to do the biometric process to verify yourself.

You can either visit your nearest Kotak branch to do so or call for an executive to come to your address and do the process. After completing the process, Kotak will take 48 hours to process your request and you will get the Virtual card with all details shown on the App or Kotak internet banking portal.

Requirements to avail Kotak Virtual Debit Card

  1. Kotak Mahindra Bank CRN Number, User name and Password.
  2. Registered the mobile number that is verified by bank.
  3. Kotak 811 App installed on your phone.

How to view Kotak Virtual Debit Card

You can check your virtual card in 2 ways,

Kotak 811 App

I. Open the Kotak 811 App on your phone and tap on the Virtual Debit Card option.
II. You can check the card number and expiry date, also by tapping the CVV option you can check the CVV number.

Kotak internet banking

1. Browse www.kotak.com and open the Kotak Mahindra Internet banking.

2. Click on the ‘Login’ button and enter your CRN/User name, password. Now, click on the ‘Secure Login’ button.

3. You will receive an OTP on the registered mobile number. Enter it and click ‘Secure Login’.

4. Click on the ‘Cards’ option on the left side menu.

5. Click the ‘Debit Card’ option from the sub-menu.

6. Now you can check your virtual card number, expiry date, and CVV number by clicking on the ‘Show CVV’ button.

Hope the information is helpful for your particular issue and will guide you correctly to resolve it.

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