Know About us: Know about our team, our backgrounds

Who we are

To know about us, firstly you have to know about our backgrounds.

We are Engineering professionals in Electrical engineering and belong from Kolkata, West Bengal (India). We started our career in 2014 by serving in several companies. But, a few simple earnings changed our minds and made us full-time bloggers and YouTubers.

Our Goals

Now we do research and post on various online earning strategies to help as many as people financially. We made this website for those people who are finding ways for a second source of income. In other words, not satisfied with their jobs and want another easy way that is doable for them and earn. We also encourage the young generation to get motivated and try our solutions. If you are interested in online earnings, we have a full-proof guide to help you earn. We post regularly on several methods of earning via the internet. Which are easy and for every kind of professionals. keep in touch with us and follow. Not only about earning, but we also provide solutions on financial services.

Follow and please do share your thoughts and feedback to help us in case we have missed something. Your opinions will be always grateful to grow us together.

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