How To Sell Photos Online In India

Introduction :

Today we are going to discuss How To Sell Photos Online In India. Photography is a hobby for many of us. If you have a DSLR packed up on a shelf and have the skills of photography, then it is time to use it and earn online. Because like Facebook, YouTube, or blogging, selling your photos could be also a nice way to earn online.

Ways to Earn from Photography :

Sell photos on stock photo website –

These websites are designed to collect photos from skilled contributors and sell them. For every sale or visit, the contributor will get commissions. You just need to know about their terms and conditions.

Tutorials on YouTube –

YouTube is a fast platform to reach your audiences. Everyone watches YouTube for troubleshooting or learning. Create your YouTube channel to teach people about photography. It is a great way to make people understand easily.

Photography blog –

If you have everything from photography tutorials to products, and you won’t show them to your audiences, it would be great to start your own blog. Here you could write posts about photography, do affiliate marketing with reviewing and comparing between products, you can showcase your own products, and also provide links to your own YouTube channel. Whenever you post a new photo, share the story behind it. This way you can stay connected with your targeted audiences and make yourself a brand to others.

Digital products –

You can use your photos to create templates for others to download and use. You can visit to check the photo templates and get inspiration.

Photo products –

It is also a nice way to portrait your art in useful stuff. Like, if you are a car lover then take good pictures of your or other cars. Now, create stuff like wallpapers, printed phone’s back cover, t-shirt or mugs. is nice, where you can use your photos to create some of the products listed above and you can sign up for free. They even provide tutorials in their training center.

Edit photos –

Everyone is not skilled in photography, and here the freelancers come. Take nice photos from others and make it nicer. Some photos require removing the background, some require added contrast or brightness. Whether you are doing such things as removing unwanted spaces or brightening up the eyes of faces. There are always possibilities to make photos better. You can try to create people’s photos better and sell them.

YouTube Thumbnails –

There are lots of YouTubers who create great content but, couldn’t make eye-catchy thumbnails for their videos. You can help them by providing photo editing services.

Sell photography products –

If you are enjoying the instruments you have for photography, then recommend them to your audiences via website or YouTube. Just join any affiliate program that deals with photography products like cameras, lenses, tripods and start your affiliate business with your passionate products.

Create own photography course –

People love online courses due to their flexibility and affordability. If you are skilled in photography, then teach others. Most people will definitely love it. Visit Skillshare to check what they offer to get inspired and create your own.

Sell prints –

People love prints. So whenever you are capturing a beautiful photo, sell them on your own website, social media, or

The easiest way to earn from photography is, sell your photos via other websites. There are plenty of sites on the internet where can sell your photos and earn.

Some stock photo websites :

Getty Images :

Getty Images attracts brands and publishers looking for high quality or hard-to-find exclusive images to license. So, the standards for becoming a contributor are also higher than many other stock photo sites.
The rate starts from 20% for photos licensed via

Shutterstock :

It is a micro-stock site where photos are cheaper and not exclusive. The chances of increased downloads are to simply contribute a large number of images. Earning is not much here, but it is a good place if you are just starting. Payments are based on your earnings over time and range from 20-30%. There is also an affiliate program where you can earn additional money if you refer new photographers or customers.

iStock :

It is the microstock offshoot owned by Getty Images, so the commission also ranges from 25-45% depending on the exclusivity of the photos.

500px :

It is not just a stock photo site, it is a community-based platform for photographers. You can follow other photographers, list your photos in their marketplace, and participate in Photo Quest competitions for prizes. The community is full of stunning, creative shots and commissions are like 30% for non-exclusive and 60% for exclusive photos.

Stocksy :

It is a mid-range stock photography site, especially for publishers. Photo standards need to be higher as the commissions are also. It has a hefty 50-75% commission payment.

Can stock photo :

They have various payment structures ranging from percentages to fixed amounts, and they also give 5 dollars for every 50 photos of your referred sales. When you sell photos on Can Stock Photo, they also list your photos for sale on Fotosearch, which is a stock photography agency.

Adobe Stock :

It is one of the best sites because when you list your photos for sale here, it will be also available on Fotolia. Hence, you can get a 33% commission by selling your photos through Adobe Stock.


It has been purchase by Adobe Stock and has two types of payment methods.
Photos sold on Pay As You Go and subscription generates around 33% commission, whereas photos sold on Pay As You Go, customers, 20-63% of the commission.

Alamy :

It also has a variable payment structure but, you will receive payment monthly. Earning are like photographers 50%, Distributors 70%.

123RF :

It is another stock photo platform that pays contributors based on the number of downloads and purchases. But, commissions can be 30-60%.

EyeEm :

This site focuses on advertising stock photography, making it one of the best places to sell photos online. If you have the potential as a commercial photographer, then it will be the right choice. Earnings via advertising are 50% commission on their site.

Crestock :

Crestock pays contributors 20-40% commission based on downloads. Also, there are several affiliate programs from which you can earn money.

Dreamstime :

It is a stock photo site where you need to have at least 70% of your portfolio on its site for at least six months. But, non-exclusive contributors could earn 25–50%, and exclusive photos can get a 27.5–55% commission also. There are also lots of other possibilities to earn money for referrals, both from the contributor and the purchaser side.

Depositephotos :

Here you can earn commissions based on your experience and status on the platform, as well as the quality and license type of your photos. Commissions do range 34–42%.

Twenty20 :

It was first developed as a tool for Instagram, where photographers can sell their photos to brands. Now it became an online stock photography site, where you can sell your photos to potential clients. You can earn 2 dollars per licensed photo sell, 100% cash from challenges, or 100% commission in getting hired for a scheduled photoshoot by brands.

Lastly, If you love taking photographs and are quite handy in it, then you should try this guide. Just do great as you feel the passion for photography.

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