How To Earn Money Online In India Without Investment

Introduction :

Today we are going to discuss How To Earn Money Online In India Without Investment. In recent days, earning concept had changed. You can earn from the comfort of your home, but time as much you want and be your own boss. On the internet, plenty of stuff is available to do and earn money online. You just need to be selective on which area you can perform the best. Most importantly, these platforms don’t pay less if you are skilled. You can earn a lot more than a typical 9 a.m – 5 p.m shift.

Here are some platforms, websites and tools to help you earn money online.

Survey and review :

Various websites offer money to undergo online surveys, carry out online searches or write reviews. You just need to sign up for their website by disclosing certain details including bank details. Plenty of surveys are offered daily on numerous websites, so take part in those. But, the surveying company shouldn’t ask for your details before the work is done, these are scams. Some may offer huge money which is far from true and some others may show false payment statements to attract you. So, you need to take utmost care where to disclose your details or not.

Blogging :

Blogging is the mother of all online earning platforms. The very first thing, you need to create a website by WordPress or Blogspot (powered by Google). Now, select topics of interest or the type of your website depending on your purpose. You can design your website for general knowledge and educational purpose or do affiliate marketing, you can showcase your freelancing business and types of services you would provide, and you can run your own online selling business. In each scenario, you need to design the website properly and be more appealing to people.

How To Earn Money Online In India Without Investment

Then choose whether you would run the website for free or paid. In the paid process, you have to spend Rs 3000 – Rs 5000 per year for domain and hosting. But, paid service will help you to reach a larger audience. Once you are eligible for the Google Adsense, apply for it and get monetized.

You can earn by ads, freelancing, product reviews and advertising for brands, affiliate marketing, and many more. Blogging takes time and high effort, sometimes it takes about a year to get monetized. But, many casual or part-time bloggers turned full bloggers for the high payment structures.

If you want to start blogging click on How To Earn Money From Blogging For step by step guide which will definitely help you.

Be a Virtual assistant to earn money online :

The virtual assistantship is something like doing all the corporate works from your home. Some business owners are too busy to handle the official stuff by themselves, so they appoint VAs. As a VA, you would work with your client remotely and manage their business aspects. You need to be skilled in offering administrative support to your client.

These works include phone calls, email response, internet research, scheduled appointments, accounts, marketing, tech support, customer support, etc. If you have good communication skills and experience in MS word and MS excel, then you can just sign up on websites like, eaHelp, Freelancer, FlexJobs, 24/7 Virtual Assistant, People Per Hour, Upwork, Virtual Staff Finder and start working as an employee or start your own business.

Language translating :

earn online from language translating

If you have knowledge of languages other than English and your mother tongue, it can be helpful to earn money online. Several websites offer projects to translate documents from one language to another. These languages can be Spanish, French, German, and many more which you need to translate from or to English. It is a serious time taking the job, so they hire translators online from around the world. Such websites like,, offer Rs 1-5 or even Rs 10 per word to translate some languages.

Earn money from YouTube :

YouTube is one of the most trending online platforms to be a celebrity and earn good money. If you feel confident enough and lack camera consciousness, then it will be a great option for you. Firstly, pick a topic of your interest and make the content as much as you can be related to it. It requires nothing except signing into YouTube only. Create wonderful videos and upload, as more people will like your content, the more people will watch, like sharing your videos and your subscribers’ number will also grow.

But, be focused on your interest and provide as much coverage without any cloudy information. Publish your videos on social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to reach the maximum audiences possible. After you reach 1000 or more subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time, your channel will get monetized by YouTube. It takes time but, pays well.

We do also have a detailed post on Earn $200 every day from YouTube In India Click to explore the easiest processes you need to follow to be a good YouTuber.

Earn money from Affiliate marketing :

It is a process where you would showcase others’ products and earn via each of your referral sales. You need to have your own website and join as an affiliate partner of your selected brand. The brand’s product should match your interest, so you always feel interested in existing products and provide reviews, telling about the pros and cons of products to your targeted audiences, making them excited and convinced to prebook for upcoming products.

If you want to start affiliate marketing, you can click on Learn and Earn $2000 per month from Affiliate marketing For more information that will guide you to be a successful affiliate marketer.

Web designing :

earn money from web designing

Creating your own website and getting it maintained takes effort and mostly time, which many business owners don’t have. If you have the technical knowledge then, you can help these small emerging companies by creating websites for them and earning from it. Even not only by creating, websites require updates and maintenance, which could be added to total earnings also. You just need to be proficient in coding and web designing,

Become a Content writer and earn online :

It is a good choice to start online earning. If you are good at writing, then chose topics of your interest. Several websites provide scope to work in article writing with specific guidelines. Identify your expertise and start, as you will be paid depending on the quality of the articles.

Sell Photos and earn online :

If you are a photographer or shoot photos with passion, then you can earn by showcasing or selling them. It does not require your photography degree or professional proof. You only need to provide quality and special photos like nature, wildlife, automobile, village or urban, festival, food anything. You can sell them, make creative products or provide photography tutorials.

And You could even do affiliate marketing or start your own distribution business in photography items such as cameras, lenses, and other stuff. There are several websites like Shutterstock, Getty Images, Stock, and many more where you can sell your photos and earn good money. For your assistance, we have a special post regarding suggestions, solutions, and information on How to earn online from Photography in India Please visit and check.

Sell products online and earn :

If you do manufacture or create stuff for useful or hobby purposes, try to sell them online. If you don’t manufacture yet want to sell products online, you can do it. Just create a website, and showcase your products with attractive posts and videos. Try to reach the maximum audiences possible and your business could end up as a good online store. Never forget to stay connected with your customers via social media or your own website feedback options.

Motivation :

Day by day automation is getting more strong and replacing the need for humans. Several people are searching for jobs in high competition. Earning is one of the bases of living, but unemployment is rising higher and so do the pay scales. Everyone has something special in them, you also. Why not explore them and choose the right job which might enjoy.

The Internet provides you with so many possibilities, that you can use. Just note which you are best at and let the people also know about you. Online earning is hugely accepted and many people quit their full-time jobs also. Just devote time, research to upgrade yourself, and keep going. You won’t make huge money at starting but, surely the earning will increase with your increasing expertise.

Online tutorials :

If you have thorough knowledge in any field, you can provide online tutorials to people around the country. In most of the platforms, you need to follow these simple steps, first apply by filling up a simple form, providing a teaching demo to the website experts.

once selected, do some documentation followed by training and webinar. After attending the webinar, you will be listed as a qualified teacher and could start your own tutorials. You may sign up to,,, and start your classes. These platforms provide flexibility and pay Rs 200 – Rs 500 depending on your expertise.

Social media management :

You can earn from social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram while staying connected with friends. Several companies pay social media strategists for promoting and advertising their brands. You need to show creativity by posting eye catchy posts or videos that will go viral in the shortest time. But, being a successful social media strategist takes time and consistent effort.

Earn money from Data entry :

These are one of the simplest jobs you can do online, as it requires no special skills. Although data entry jobs are seriously threatened by automation, still there are plenty to find and start. You just need a computer with internet and fast typing ability with attention to detail. These jobs can pay you Rs 100 – Rs 1500 per hour depending on your capabilities.

Please share your experiences about our guide and don’t hesitate to give us feedback and share your thoughts regarding anything we have missed. We are also learning and your opinions will help us grow.

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