How To Earn Money From Quora – Step By Step

To know the total process of ‘how to earn money from Quora’, please read the complete post carefully. Quora was founded in 2009 at Mountain View, California, United States, and got available to the public in 2010. It is a kind of online forum where people can ask and answer questions on whatever topics in 22 languages. In recent times, Quora has reached over 300 users/month and India shares almost 17% of the traffic. In addition to providing answers on virtually anything and everything, it can be used to make money. Anyone can use this platform for side income or maybe a decent income. So, the question is how to earn money from Quora?

Recently, Quora launched an initiative known as the ‘Quora Partner Program‘, from where users get to earn. Well, on this topic we will discuss the process. If you want to earn from Quora, just follow our guide step by step.

How Quora works

Advertisers pay quora to put up ads of their products or services in between the answers to your questions. It might be simple text ads, promoted answers, or in any other form. Specific companies have their own specific targeted keywords to display ads. Like, if electrical goods manufacturing puts ads, then they will provide it with questions or answers related to electrical items. It is basically to draw the attention of specific targeted audiences.

Also, if a question has been asked in Google, the chances of results will show the Quora website on the first page. Because Google has trust in the website. So, basically, this impression attracts lots of ads providers.

How to earn money from Quora

Take advantage of Google

Any questions that are asked in Google, can be asked in Quora also. So every time in searching questions, Google also shows Quora at the front. Take advantage of it and try to figure out what questions people are going to ask on Google. Take help from ‘Google Trends‘. After choosing, phase it in a manner that you think people would ask. But, always focus on the keywords you chose in the questions.

Try to be viral

Yes, try to go viral in the Quora community. Think of questions that attract large numbers of users to answer. By this process, you can bring much more traffic to the community. But, never repeat questions that are already asked.

Do basics

Always think of questions related to special occasions and festivals or anything that might be celebrated worldwide. It can be holidays, independence day, mother’s day, or anything which are is special and celebrated at specific times of the year. Also, try to use keywords related to the topic and ignore other irrelevant elements. Select people who are active hardcore Quora users and answer a lot. Quora offers 25 requests/day, so choose wisely.

Your do’s to start earning via Quora


Firstly, you need to establish yourself in Quora. If don’t have an account, then it will prompt you to sign up. So, register yourself by username and password. You can log in by using your Google account, Facebook, or email id.

Ask questions

On the home screen, you will find a button marked ‘Ask Questions’. Click and submit your questions with the help of prompts. You can choose the question listing as public, anonymous, or limited. Also, you can put a link to portrait your context.

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Follow those people who answer

Asking questions will help you to stay active, but also stay connected with the People.
Ask your audiences to know more about them. Each time they reply, click on their profile and check the spaces they follow. Spaces could be similar to your interest and might end up following those spaces also. It will create a wide link in your area of interest hence, boosting your activity level.

Check your stats

Check your stats regularly to see the performance of your asked questions like how many people are viewing and answering. It will help you to understand what questions are more likely to be answered by people hence, improving your future tactics.

Answer questions

Answering in Quora is also helpful to earn in several ways. If you are an affiliate marketer or have your own online business, you can answer questions on your area of interest. You can also put affiliate links in a way that people will click them. You just need to find suitable topics that you can answer comfortably. Then click ‘Answer’ under the question, and do ‘Edit Credentials’ to prove you are the comfortable and knowledgeable person to provide the answer. The recommended answer length is between 300-1000 words and paragraphs shouldn’t contain more than 4 lines.

Create business profile

If you have your own business and provide good answers on your selected spaces, people will notice and want to learn more from you. It will bring more traffic to your Quora profile and your own business website by the links you provided. Just click on your photo and take your time to fill up various things you want to add including credentials. This way, people will see how many spaces you have an interest in, how many questions and answers you have provided so, they can follow you, notify you and ask questions directly.

Review stats

All answers are voted as ‘Upvote’ or ‘Downvote’ in Quora and also can be commented on. These are the options you have when you review answers and the stats you can view when you decide to dig a little deeper and stay active.

Discover and Create Space

Spaces in Quora are like categories where you can find, ask or answer questions of a particular subject. These spaces will connect you with others in the same interest. In your selected spaces, you can get more audiences or answer more questions with your knowledge and engage with the community better.

You also can create your own space in Quora. Just click the ‘Create Space’ and name it with one line description. Now, in your own space, you can share interests, even you can host discussions also. It is an effective way to focus on your niche, manage your brand and get targeted audiences.

Eligibility of Quora Partner Program

Quora will invite you to join the Quora Partner Program once your content is viewed by more than 100,000 times. But, sometimes people get invited much before. There are a large number of users within this program. Some people have said that they got invited within weeks of joining while others waited for months. So, be patient and stay active.

How much you can earn by Quora

Well, it varies. It depends heavily on whether you are a business or an individual. For business, it will depend on how well you manage your brand and online presence. Additionally, it will depend on how many questions you are answering regularly. It has been estimated that between 3,000 and 5,000 questions are asked every day on Quora. So you have to stay active for a long and participate as much as possible.


Quora is not just a question and answer platform, here you can connect with people with the same interests. By asking or answering you would get exposure to large traffic in a specific space. If you run your own business, Quora is a nice place to bring the attention of targeted audiences. You can write short posts on specific niches with links to bring interested audiences to your own website.

You can also do affiliate marketing or drop shipping via Quora. If you want to know more about Affiliate Marketing and Dropshipping, just click on them and check separate dedicated posts.

Since 2010, this Q&A platform got huge appreciation and success. Today Quora ranked 81 among the most popular websites worldwide as per web metrics company Alexa and emerged as a worldwide platform to be used.

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