How To Earn Money From Ludo King – 1K/Day


Today we are discussing How To Earn Money From Ludo King. Ludo King got a very popular game during the COVID-19 lockdown. Many people have started playing this game with their families, partners, even with celebrities to post pictures on social media. The game is very easy and most of us have played it a lot during our childhood.

This digital board game app is available on desktop, iOS, and Android. A desktop player who is working on a presentation can play with someone who is cooking in the kitchen. As it supports an offline mode also, your family can gather up after dinner and play a quick game of ludo.

Basics of Ludo King

Ludo king provides some features like,

1. Users can challenge others to play matches with them. Winning real money amount can be withdrawn through Paytm or other online payment methods.

2. The common people do not remember Ludo’s skill because it is the new real money Ludo game for android. It is a predominantly interesting skill base real money Ludo game. 3. Ludo King is an online version of the classic board game Ludo. You can play with your friends and family or on the computer.

It is a really easy game to learn, making it suitable for players of all ages. Ludo is a game played by two to four players. Each player must choose one of the four available colors to play as. The purpose of the game Ludo King is not difficult as each player is given 4 tokens, which should make a full circle around the playing field, and then reach the finish point sooner. Anyone who comes to all four chips to the finish line will be the winner.

Following steps to start

1. On an Android smartphone, go to Google PlayStore and download Ludo King. Similarly, if you are using an iPhone, go to the App Store and download the game.

2. After installation, open and log in as a guest. You can choose to connect your Facebook account(but do not need to play with friends). After choosing the login option, go ahead to complete the setup.

3. After setup is complete, you will see the main menu of the game. You can start a game of Ludo with your friends by default. To start playing the game with friends who are not near you, start by tapping Play with Friends.

4. On the next screen, choose your color. Below it, you will see two options as Create and Join. Create allows you to create a room and generate a code by which your friends can join the room. In case you want to join a friend’s room, simply tap Join room followed by entering the private code given by your friend and join the game.

How To Earn Money From Quora – Step By Step

5. Once you have created a room, set an entry amount (the minimum is 100 coins). You’ll now get a code that you’ll need to share with your friends so that they can join in. You can send this code via WhatsApp, SMS, email, or any other app of your choice.

6. After all the members have joined, tap Play to start the game.

7. Tap on the dice to play your turn to start.

8. The game also allows you to chat with your friends. Just tap on the chat bubble over your avatar’s head, write your message, and hit send. You can also send fun emojis to each other by tapping on the gift icon right above your friend’s avatar. Each emoji that you send costs you 10 game coins, which is quite annoying but it also prevents spamming of emoji.

Tips and Tricks To Earn Money From Ludo King

Daily login

Like other mobile games, there are great login rewards in Ludo King. More coins, if you keep login in for consecutive days. The number of coins you receive per day increases as the login bonus also increases gradually.

Watch ads

This is indeed a great way to earn coins rapidly. You can watch up to a limit of 5 ads per day, which will increase your coin balance by 300,400,500,600 and 700 coins respectively. So, 2500 coins per day just for a few seconds of your time are worth it.

Lucky wheel

There is a lucky wheel to spin in the game by which you can earn between 50-1000 coins, and you get a free spin every 4 hours. You can also unlock more spins by watching additional ads. If you are running short on coins, this is something you should try. It helps to increase your coin balance rapidly by spinning as much as you want.

Take risk

Consider a 50% winning rate in a 2 player game and a 25% winning rate in a 4 player game. So, you can win 4500 coins extra for every 10,000 coins you spend playing online matches. Your chances to win more coins increase if you take more risks and play matches that require higher coins for entering(as 10000 and higher).

Assume, your coin balance becomes 100,000 then, you should take the risk to play a 50,000 coin match that can reward with more coins(45,000 coins extra if you win a 50,000 coin match).

Collect all free coins

Most of us do not like spending money inside apps. And considering the economic slowdown, most of us would not want to spend our hard-earned money on in-game currency. Every coin that you get for free within the game would allow you to play for a longer time, which helps you stay connected in this app longer.

Play for fun and play small

During the ongoing pandemic, most of us are locked inside of our homes, so playing games like Ludo King is just to pass time and maintain a connection with your close friends and family. So going in for a bid of 5,000 coins per player is not an intelligent decision to make. Because, you might win a game but, make the other person bankrupt inside of the game, which would cause them not to play the next round. So play it smart.

Play with all pieces freely

If you focus on playing the game with one piece at a time, then you are at the risk of getting the piece cut at a point in your home lane. It pains a lot if, any well-traveled piece gets cut by another. So the best tip is to take out every piece, spread them slowly and equally.

Spreading all pieces throughout the board will give you a tactical advantage inside this game of luck. As you can move any piece freely, and minimize the risk of getting chased and cut by any other piece. While at the same time it will help to cut any pieces of other players that get ahead of you and threaten to take your winning place.

Ludo King Tournament Rules

1. All matches include classic mode only.

2. Players can choose to compete in head-to-head (2 players) or 4 players slots.

3. Player has to select his slot time during registration and must be available online during the match. If failed to do so, the player is disqualified.

4. To Match Start, the system will send a custom room code to players 5 mins before the game slot time. Players need to join using the room code.

5. Any suspicious behavior, game manipulation, multiple device login, abusive language, hate speech, harm threats will result in the player’s complete account suspension.

6. Entry amount/Betting Money(whatever applicable) must be submitted before 30 minutes of slot time.

7. Player can request winning amount withdrawal only 2 times a week in a gap of three days. Winning money will send to your UPI wallet (PhonePe/ GPay / PayTm) within 6 hours of the request.

8. Minimum transaction amount is Rs.100.

9. The game will not be responsible for the player’s disqualification due to network error, low or no network, mobile crash, low battery, accidental switch off, etc.

Terms and conditions of Ludo King

1. The event will stream online.

2. The event may have interactive elements and will involve participation from the audience.

3. No refunds on tickets once purchased.

4. The artist line up and show details/format may change as per the organizer’s discretion.

5. You may not be able to join the live experience if you are late.

6. The ticket holder grants the organizer the right to use, all or any part of the recording for promotional purposes.

7. The recording of the stream will not be shared even in case of non-attendance.

8. Any misbehavior within the comments/chat section or use of profanity towards the artist, host, or attendees is strictly restricted.

9. The game is committed to a respectful, safe environment free from harassment, violence, discrimination, bullying, abuse, and solicitation. All parties, artists, and attendees are to be treated with respect and dignity.

Participation in activities or behaviors that discriminate on the grounds of race, color, place of origin, gender, age, marital status, religious beliefs, citizenship, mental and physical abilities, sexual orientation, or any other prohibited grounds within applicable law will not be allowed.

Special Advise

This is a nice App for time pass and earn. In current situations, it is not recommended to play outdoors. So, spend a good time with your friends and family along with maintaining the social distancing guidelines. In addition, you can earn also. Try it.

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