How To Earn Money From Blogging In India

Today we are discussing How To Earn Money From Blogging In India. Blogging can be a hobby or a nice way to earn money. It is not the easiest way, but easier than others and anyone can do it. Simple dedication and passion can make you earn here. Remember, there is no quick cheat to get rich, but some shortcuts are acceptable. If you are thinking of starting a blog or rather you have one, here are some tips to improve your skills to earn. Let’s start,

Choose a platform

Some people have the good technical knowledge and some are not handy with it, so choosing the correct platform is very important.

There are 2 options available,

1. Free blogging platforms

It is for those persons without having much software knowledge but, willing to start a blog. The blogger can be just casual or hobbyist only, and not interested in making money from their blog. These free platforms (such as Blogspot, sponsored by Google) are super easy to use and customize, and the best part is the platforms don’t ask for money to host.

But, there are limitations also. Free blogging platforms are very limited. You will be able to customize your website to a limited extend. Such limited storage will prevent you to upload large photos or videos, it wouldn’t offer a variety of themes to apply, and most importantly you can’t create a custom URL. But, the platform will keep the right to delete your posts if felt offensive or terms violating acts. Another drawback is, most free blogging platforms don’t allow placing advertisements or affiliate links on your post.

2. Own websites

It is best for professionals or bloggers who want to make money from their blogs. Here, you will have complete rights over the website like design and theme customization, URL customization, and hosting. But, need to check, it is paid service and you need to pay for domain and hosting.

WordPress is an excellent choice here. It may appear scary for non-technical persons, but not that difficult and can be get set in 20 minutes. It has lots of templates and themes to choose your ideal without the risk of getting your blog deleted by someone else.

Although, both platforms have advantages and disadvantages. So, it is up to you to choose from, start the easy way or the hard way after all your dedication and effort will bring the result.

There are few steps to start to start a blog in any platforms

Name your website

It is very important to name your website properly. Quality name is very helpful. The name should reflect the contents, easy to pronounce and be as short as possible. Picking up random or offensive names often confuse people, so do it intelligently.

Finding topic

Research other blogs, what are they writing about. Which is the most viewed and which is not. You can have Google’s help also, point out the most searched topics or something that wouldn’t get less interesting in the coming days. Use Google trends or Google keyword planner for what are people searching for the most, It is always helpful to pick trending topics. FAQ is another good choice to start with, as many people couldn’t get the satisfying answers they want on the internet.

Always don’t go with the crowd, think differently. Anything out of the box thinking can be a serious performer. But above all, it will be better to choose a topic of your interest and passion. Topics not interesting to you will affect your posts, and people will get bored very soon. So, choose something you know better than many others and can’t stop talking or discussing. It will always extract the best of you, and you won’t get out of topics very soon.

Get traffic

All done and posts are uploaded. Now, you need people to see, and you can’t hope for any magic that, people will find and read. You need to show it.

1. Social media

Nowadays social media is a huge platform to showcase anything. So, connect your blog with your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter accounts. Share every post on social platforms. It will help your posts to reach a wider range of people. You also can take the help of paid promotions to boost your posts and get more traffic.

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2. Stay in touch with other bloggers

Keep in touch with others who blog on similar topics. Yes, practically you are a competitor but, the blogger community is very helpful. Some bloggers have links page on their website, which they use to link their friend’s blogs. So, help others and you will also get a return in favor. They will also help in various tricks, shortcuts, methods even doing good SEO.

3. News jacking

If something happens in the news related to your topic, get involved in a discussion or comment. Tell something useful on your behalf. Even you can reach to experts to place your views. If you have something rock solid, then experts might come to you.

How to make money

1. Affiliate marketing

It is a process where you need to provide links to your posts. These links will send the readers to websites related somewhere with your topic. It can be of products like physical items, e-books, or anything sold online. The brand will pay you a commission as an appreciation to send one of your esteem readers on their website. All most all e-commerce websites have affiliate programs, like Amazon, Flipkart, and many more where you can be a part of their affiliate programs and promote the brands.

2. Sell banner advertising space

It is another simple way to earn. You can sell your banner for advertising of brands related to your readers. These ads can be shown anywhere but, commonly found at the top of the blog page or on the side.
Google ad sense provides two options, like CPC (cost per click) meaning you will earn a specific amount for every click, while another is CPM (cost per thousand) means you need to negotiate an amount for every 1000 clicks. CPC and CPM earnings can be low, but worth earning.

3. Sponsored contents

One of the best ways to earn is by writing sponsored content for the brands related to your blog. The ads will be paid for articles or posts. But, it needs strong reader support. If you have huge reader numbers then brands will come to you for sponsored posts. If you have strong social media connections, it is possible to share posts on social pages and brands will also get attracted. Sometimes brands or media having their website could invite you to share your blog on their pages.


The biggest challenge of blogging is to get monetized. Many bloggers start their careers with hard work and dedication but, few get success early. The fact is, getting monetized takes time. It depends on the traffic, more traffic means more attractive to ads providers. So you need to choose and make content wisely, post them with the maximum expose to readers.

Another challenge is competition, as the blogging market is full of bloggers, and getting hand-picked is difficult. None the less hard work will show the result, maybe not soon but, it would be definitely.

Blogging can make you earn, but it is variable. At first, the earning will be low and gradually increases as the blogger develops. To make money, think of different ways to reach maximum readers, post quality content, and keep ongoing.

All the best

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