how to earn money freelancing

Today we are going to discuss how to earn money freelancing. Freelancing is a job where you offer your service to a customer for a period of time, and get a return by earning. Here, you are totally independent and can take several freelancing projects at one time. In today’s world, the internet is a directory of knowledge. Anyone who wants to know about anything checks the internet first. It can be about Healthcare, finance, automobiles, electronics, pets, wildlife, product reviews, or anything. Just pick your skillset and get started. You can do it from your home, cafe or sitting in a park. Provide the best possible coverage of the asked topic.

Freelance jobs offer exceptional flexibility, independence, and income opportunities. You can earn hefty annual compensation also providing you the right skills, qualifications, and experience. The secret to increasing your professional value is always to stay updated with the latest industry trends and never give up on upskilling yourself.

Types of Freelancing :

Here are 5 kinds of Freelancing you will find in India

Full-time freelancing – here you make all of your income from freelance and do not have any other full-time job.

Contract freelancing – in this type, you work with companies or on projects for a specific period of time.

Side Freelancing – you may serve a full-time job and freelance on the side. Most content writing freelancers start out this way. although, it is important to check your full-time job contract and see if you can actually freelance legally.  

Freelancing business – you might consider freelancing as your full-time business. So, you can work alone or make a team to create content for various projects.

Consultants – Consultants work with various companies, or projects, for a fixed amount of time every week or month, or year. So, in this process, you need to provide a specific time for a specific company and then work for others for the rest of the time.

How to start Freelancing :

Understand the market :

Before you can start to find freelance work, you need to make sure you know who are your potential clients. Understanding your prospective client base will help you to plan your pricing structure, implement your marketing strategy and focus your time and energy.

Flexibility :

If you set up solo, you might have a fixed view of how you will be running your business. Services that you thought would be wildly popular may turn out to be duds, whereas others might be surprised in demand. So keep flexibility with your work.

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Transparency on cost :

Make sure you have a clear idea about your costs and pricing structure. Will you be charging on an hourly or project basis. So do your research to ensure that you are in line with other competitors.

Build a website and make first impression :

Own website is a window of opportunity, so create one. If you have strong social media support, it will also help to attract potential clients.

Don’t go for all trades, stay focused :

If you are expressing interest in everything, it will impact you badly. Choose specific topics that you have in-depth knowledge.

Register with Freelancing job websites :

There are many freelancing job portals on the internet. Start responding to people’s requests and those freelancing jobs will soon come in. Some good freelancing sites are Freelance India, Upwork, Envato Studio, etc.

Highest paid Freelancing jobs :

Content writing :

how to earn money freelancing

Being a digital age resident, the modern consumer always performs thorough research before they put in their hard-earned money on a product/service. According to a study, around 82% of smartphone users rely on their phones for information, and almost 45% read customer reviews before making in-store purchases. This wide range of information is designed and prepared by talented professionals, Content Writers. Writers create content for websites, blog posts, articles, newsletters, eBooks, webinar scripts, email copies, product descriptions, and social media posts. The primary aim is to write such content that can grab the attention of the right audiences.

Skills :

I. Strong verbal and writing communication skills.
II. Excellent editing.
III. Expert in working with platforms like WordPress, Blogspot, or Drupal.

Digital marketing :

how to earn money freelancing

It is a term that comprises SEO, content marketing, PPC advertising, etc. Professionals need to perform a huge variety of marketing-oriented activities on digital marketing, such as marketing campaigns, creating engaging social media posts, educational content using SEO, etc. Whatever the job, the target is to improve SEO ranking, grab targeted audiences and generate leads.


I. Excellent knowledge in SEO.
II. Knowledge of analytics tools like Google analytics.

Web development :

web developer freelancing jobs

If you are eager to join the technical domains, then web development will be a great choice. Web developers are highly paid, specifical experts in Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, etc. You can work under a company or do freelancing independently. These developers may be experts in front-end developments like interface or back-end developments like coding. They also provide updates for user support and perform troubleshooting activities as required.


I. Proficient in HTML/CSS.
II. In-depth knowledge of coding.
III. Testing and debugging skills.

Graphic designing :

graphic designing

It is an art of communication via words, images, and creative ideas to convey a message to targeted audiences. So you need to be an expert in the design and development of visual solutions for brands. It has many streams like media and ads, publishing, and industrial designs. The primary responsibility is to create eye catchy visual appearance by using technology with adding art into it. If you are handy with this stuff, then you could probably create the layout of websites, ads, magazines to showcase the brand or product to the audiences.


I. Creativity and passion.
II. Excellent communication and people networking skills.
III. Expert to work with Adobe Photoshop, Adobe creative cloud, etc.

Block chain development :

It is an advanced solution for industries like Healthcare, education, retail, logistics, and transportation. As new to the market, skilled blockchain developers are paid a hefty amount. These professionals are experts in software development, networking, data structures, and algorithm, also they perform on developing Decentralized apps, interactive front-end designs, research, and analysis for new tools.


I. Strong knowledge in software development, structure, and algorithm.
II. Handy with cryptography.
III. Proficient in programming languages like C++, Java, and PHP.

Struggle :

Nothing can be achieved without challenges. So keep learning from the failures. It will help you. Once you get genuine clients, start providing your services.

Good side and bad side of Freelancing :

Freelancing obviously gives you the freedom and flexibility to work but, it also has downsides depending on the type of project, CO worker, time spent on each project, and locations. It has been seen that freelancers suffer from mental and physical health disturbances. It also causes heart problems. As a starter, you might feel lonely as there will be very little exposure to the outside world.

Conclusion :

You could be a well-paid freelancer if you conquer the skills that industries are finding and apply it wisely. You will always get opportunities to expand your freelancing business by attending offline events to connect with industry mentors and potential business partners. 

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