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We are going to tell you about the best Dallas Truck Accident attorney. Trucks are very essential for the supply and transportation of goods. We depend on the large trucks to receive shipments every day, so we understand they need to be on our roadways. However, these necessary vehicles can be dangerous while sharing the same road we drive regularly on passenger cars.

Commercial trucks are disproportionately larger and heavier than standard passenger vehicles. A collision involving an 18wheeler can result in more severe injuries and long-term consequences than a crash involving two cars. The Lone Star State is particularly dangerous for drivers, with 5,222 Texas vehicles involved in fatal truck accidents during recent years, accounting for more than 13 percent of the national total.

And it is not easy to get compensation for the losses you are bearing. So, let’s discuss all the how, why in this topic to help you in case of such unfortunate situations.


Statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation reveal surprising facts about Dallas commercial vehicle accidents in recent years. The countings were,

I. 35 fatal crashes involving trucks and other commercial vehicles.
II. 38 deaths in accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles.
III. 707 serious injury crashes involving trucks and other commercial vehicles.
IV. 942 serious injuries in accidents involving trucks and other commercial vehicles.

Lawyers will do for you

An experienced attorney will do everything on your behalf. Like,

I. Helping you to understand all aspects of your case.
II. Thoroughly investigate the causes of your crash.
III. Identify all possible sources of compensation.
IV. Consult with experts like accident reconstruction specialists.
V. Assist you with managing and organizing important documents.
VI. Collect and preserve supporting evidence for your case.
VII. Communicate with other parties on your behalf.
VIII. Negotiate aggressively for a full insurance settlement.
IX. Argue for your best interests in court, if a settlement can’t be reached.

Best Dallas, Texas truck accident attorney

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Tate Law Office

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The Benton Law Firm

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You can contact them via the details provided above or visit their websites to check more about them.

But before contact, you need to understand the scenarios and some important factors. These factors might help you to understand the situation and guide you to take the positive and measured steps.

Common causes of Truck Accidents

A commercial semi-trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds. If not driven safely, they can cause catastrophic results. Far too often, the negligence of truck drivers and trucking companies permanently alters the lives of innocent victims. The most common causes of truck accidents include,

I. Negligent hiring or supervision.
II. Inadequate training.
III. Speeding.
IV. Distractions.
V. Driver fatigue or exhaustion.
VI. Poor maintenance or inadequate inspections.
V. Following too closely.
VI. Not making turns correctly or safely.
VII. Drug or alcohol impairment.
VIII. Not following traffic regulations.
IX. Improperly loaded cargo.

Most common types of Truck Accidents

There are several different types of accidents a truck driver can cause. Each one is unique and carries it’s a different set of circumstances but, only the huge devastation left afterward remains common. Any type of collision with a large truck can cause serious injuries and massive property damages like,


Truck jackknifes when the trailer and front cab slide towards each other to form an angle. This usually occurs when the truck driver loses control of their vehicle from overloaded cargo, braking too quickly, or maneuvering incorrectly.


Commercial trucks are top-heavy and are not designed to do stunts. They can easily tip over in certain situations. A driver’s wrong decision could end up as a rollover of the vehicle. Sometimes drivers also try to save other vehicles in case of lost control and also end up flipping the vehicle.

No zone accidents

It is also called a blind spot accident. Large trucks have blind spots in front, back, and on both sides. Drivers must carefully check for cars around them before changing lanes, turning, or speeding up to prevent an accident.

Head-on collision

A head-on collision with a truck is deadly for sure. A passenger vehicle is no match for an 80,000-pound truck. So, a collision between them can have devastating consequences

Tire blowout

Trucking companies must comply with weight and size limits when loading cargo onto the truck. Overloading creates more pressure on the tires, which may cause them to explode. Hence, causing accidents.

Rear-end crash

Tailgating is one of the most common reasons for rear-end truck accidents. Commercial trucks need more distance to stop, so if the driver is following behind another vehicle too closely, they likely won’t be able to brake quickly to avoid a crash.

T bone crash

Side impact collisions are the result of one vehicle crashing into the side of another. These accidents typically occur at intersections when a trucker runs a red light or stop sign.

Underride/Override accidents

Underride/Override accidents occur when a small car crashes into the back or side of a large truck and ends up underneath. Override accidents result from a truck driver who couldn’t stop in time and runs over the other vehicle ahead.

What to do after a Truck Accident

The decisions you make after an accident could impact your case and determine whether you can pursue compensation from the at-fault party.

1. Report the accident immediately to law enforcement. It is illegal to flee the scene if there’s an injury or fatality. So, wait for an officer to arrive and investigate the crash. They will complete a crash report and inform you when it’s okay to leave.

2. Ask the truck driver for their name, contact information, employer information, and insurance.

3. Take photos of the scene and collect as much evidence as possible.

4. Look around for people who saw the crash. Write down their names and phone numbers as they could provide witness statements regarding the crash.

5. Seek immediate medical treatment. Don’t wait for a hospital or doctor’s visit, especially if the injury is severe. If your doctor recommends a treatment plan, you should follow it. You mustn’t allow too much time to pass in between appointments or make a habit of skipping appointments. Insurance companies seek opportunities like this to prove that you weren’t injured or it’s not serious enough to require medical attention.

6. Maintain records of everything. Every time your doctor prescribes medication, medical bill, or the insurance company sends you a letter, keep a copy of it. Every related document is proof of what happened to you.

7. If you need to get your car repaired, bring it to a repair shop for an estimate of the damage and keep the quotation.

8. Consult and hire a truck accident attorney to represent you in your case.

Liability of a Truck Accident

Several potential parties could be responsible for paying damages after a truck accident such as the trucking firm, the truck manufacturer, the maintenance company, the shipment, or the cargo company (based on the facts in the case).

Identifying all parties who hold responsibility for the accident is a critical part of the process for recovering full compensation of all damages. You can be assured that every potentially liable party will have a legal team fighting for them. Hence, you need a lawyer who will fight for your rights against them.

Truck driver

The driver of the truck shares the biggest part of liability in most truck accidents due to the fact of driver error is the leading cause for most truck accidents. When truck drivers engage in recklessness, negligent or distracted behaviors while operating their vehicles, they are likely to cause accidents involving others on the road.

Truck owner

The owner of the truck is required to ensure that appointed drivers are qualified and responsible while operating their vehicles. Truck owners also need to verify the licenses, experience and make sure the driver does not have a poor driving record.

Trucking company

Trucking companies do often hire new drivers to deliver loads without properly checking the driver’s eligibility. When trucking companies fail to ensure drivers are licensed and experienced, they can be held liable for the accident. 

Cargo company

Cargo companies must load trailers with care and consideration. The loads must be evenly distributed and tied up properly to keep the vehicle safe and balanced while on the go. Else, it can lead to load shifting loss balance of the vehicle and lead to accidents. 


Trucks with faulty brakes, accelerators, and other malfunctioning parts do play a major role in accidents. Skipping necessary maintenance or repairs causes drivers to get involved in collisions. When truck accidents are caused by defective or malfunctioning parts or vehicles, manufacturers and other involved parties can be held liable for injuries and damages.

Available compensation after a Truck Accident

Obtaining the compensation you deserve for the truck accident injuries is challenging as insurance settlements in such cases are frequently complicated. Insurance adjusters will do everything to deny claims and minimize the value of cases.

Another complicating factor in a truck accident is the presence of multiple parties responsible for the accident. The truck driver, the employer, the truck owner, the loading company all could potentially bear some fault. Each of these parties will try to deny responsibility.

If you have medical expenses and other bills, you may get eager to accept a truck accident settlement. Insurance companies know that many victims are desperate in such cases. They use this strategy and present offers to end negotiations quickly keeping the payable amount as low as possible.

However, this kind of settlement will rarely account for all of your losses and may leave you with few options in case of long-term consequences. But, an accident lawyer can help you pursue rightful compensation for losses such as,

I. Current and future medical bills related to your injuries.
II. Present and future physical impairment.
III. Cost of rehabilitation, prescriptions, medical equipment, and in-home services.
IV. Other treatment-related expenses, such as transportation to appointments.
V. Loss of current income and future earning potential.
VI. Pain and suffering from your injuries.
VII. Mental anguish, PTSD, and emotional trauma.
VIII. Loss of enjoyment of life or consortium with loved ones.

What makes Truck Accident cases more complicated

The trucking industry is heavily regulated and includes many stakeholders, so truck accident cases are often complex. Here are some of the complicated factors of handling a truck accident claim,

Involvement of multiple parties

When a truck accident occurs, multiple parties may bear responsibility for the resulting consequences. Such as,

  1. The trucking company that hired the driver.
  2. Truck driver.
  3. Owner of the truck.
  4. The company that manufactured any freight being hauled.
  5. Loading company that packed cargo into the truck.
  6. The truck manufacturer that built the truck.
  7. Auto parts manufacturers that built the parts installed in the truck.

Aggressive defense

Surely, any of the insurance companies covering the parties involved in the accident wouldn’t offer a quick and fair settlement. All of these parties and their insurance providers will try to deny responsibility to minimize financial liability.

You can expect the trucking companies to quickly deploy representatives from their insurance companies and aggressive attorneys to the incident scene and mount various defenses on their side.

Involvement of complex regulations

If you think you bear some responsibility for the accident, you mustn’t say the same. Commercial trucks are regulated by complex rules on the state and federal levels. Commercial trucking companies and their drivers must obey The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration rules. These regulations are extensive and include topics such as,

  1. Driver qualifications.
  2. Truck operations.
  3. Vehicle maintenance requirements.
  4. Insurance coverage requirements.
  5. Inspections.
  6. Accident investigations.
  7. Vehicle repair and weight distribution.
  8. Drug and alcohol prohibition.
  9. This include how many hours a trucker can drive in a day.
  10. what types of materials must be used to secure cargo.

How to prove liability in Truck Accident


An investigation can help in revealing the issues that contributed to an accident. However, the trucking company’s internal investigation is unlikely to be favorable for your claim. While some trucking accidents are investigated by state or federal authorities, the purpose of these investigations is usually to determine whether a traffic violation was committed, and not to compensate your losses.

So, it is very important to have an experienced attorney who would investigate to protect your rights and secure the evidence properly in case of removed or lost from the scene.


Trucking companies often maintain massive amounts of data, these may help explain the factors contributing to the accident. Your attorney can take steps to obtain evidence like,

  1. Inspection and maintenance records.
  2. Employee personnel information.
  3. Complaints or records of violations.
  4. Black box data from the truck.
  5. Trucker’s logbook.
  6. Police accident reports.
  7. Internal accident reports.
  8. Results of drug and alcohol testing.
    An experienced truck accident attorney will know what evidence to look for and how to use it to for your advantage.

The time limit for filing a claim

In Texas, the statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits is 2 years. This means, if you were injured in a Dallas 18wheeler accident and cannot reach an appropriate settlement, you have 2 years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim in court.

However, in some situations, the time limit can be less than 2 years. So, you should consult an attorney immediately to understand the required deadlines. Also, you need to act quickly to ensure that evidence is both available and viable so that you have access to as many legal options as possible.

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